VIPRE – The Most Powerful Antivirus Software

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We’ve shared many antivirus solutions with our readers in the past, but today, not only will I review this great antivirus, but we’ll be giving a free copy to one of my readers who posts a genuine comment below, after a draw. So, if you are willing to grab a free copy of the solution, then read on…

We realize that as a PC user, you face very real threats of virus infections, spyware and malware that can steal your personal, sensitive, and financial data. Rootkits and other malicious files can also compromise the security and privacy of your computer.

Unlike older antivirus programs that have bolted on antispyware or antivirus modules to their existing software, VIPRE Antivirus software is designed to optimize overall performance by melding antivirus and antispyware together into one, single, powerful tool. This combination of technologies gives you high performance software that doesn’t slow down your PC, is low on system resources, and makes it easy to protect your PC from the bad guys.

More over, it provides solutions for endpoint anti-malware security, email security, data retention, and malware analysis tools. The software boasts in providing comprehensive protection for key parts of the network topology, including workstations, servers, gateway, and web proxies.

So what are YOU waiting for? Head over to this page and grab a copy NOW of the Number one Proactive Antivirus!!

Has Black Hole wiped out all alien life?

Scientists have been long baffled how despite years of searching there has been no evidence of life beyond our planet.

But now some astronomers believe the answer may lie in the destructive force of exploding stars – and claim ET (extraterrestrial) may simply have been wiped out.

Hypernovas are essentially massive supernovas, or giant exploding stars, with a mass of between 100 and 300 times that of the sun.

And because this process, when an exceptionally large white dwarf star, a collapsed remnant of an elderly star, becomes unstable and explodes, has occurred several times over millions of years, it is possible that life may have wiped out more than once, the Daily Mail reports. Continue reading