How To Fix Microsoft Security Essentials Virus Definitions Updates

Microsft Security Essentials - Fix Update ProblemsIf you use a laptop or you tend to shutdown your computer when it’s not in use, then you’ve probably missed out on a at least a few virus definitions updates from Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE).  The problem lies in that MSE is designed to only update once every 24 hours, and if your computer is not powered on, or is not connected to the internet at the time, it will simply pass you by.  But, we can fix all of that by setting up a simple task rule in Windows; this works similar to the tutorial for fixing the Java update program.

Step 1 – Open Task Scheduler

In the Start Menu, Search for task scheduler and Press Enter.

open task scheduler in windows 7

Step 2 – Create Task

In the right-pane of the Task Scheduler Click Create Task

Do not confuse this step, Create Basic Task will not work the same.

Create a Windows 7 Task

Step 3 – The General Tab

Name your task something relevant and give it a description.  Now we need to change the user to SYSTEM, to do this Click Change User or Group… and then in the object name box Type system and Click OK.  Once that is done you can change the configuration to Windows 7 or whatever version of Windows you are using.

Configure the General Tab of the task and set the user to System

Step 4 – Triggers

Click the Triggers tab and from there Click New… The edit Trigger window should appear.  You want to Begin the task on a schedule, set to Daily and Recur every 1 days.

Once you have that go down to the Advanced settings are and set Repeat task every to 6 hours; to set this you’ll have to manually Type in 6 hours as the drop-menu doesn’t show it.  Now set the duration to Indefinitely.  Make sure Enabled is checked and then Click OK.

assign triggers based upon a schedule that repeats every 6 hours

Step 5 – Actions

Click the Actions tab and from there Click New…  Here you want to TypeSignatureUpdate into the arguments box, and then Click Browse.

Assign the proper actions with the -SignatureUpdate argument

Step 5 – Actions, file location

Browse to the executable MpCmdRun.exe, this is typically located at:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Security\Antimalware\MpCmdRun.exe

browse to the security essentials update executable

Step 6 – Conditions

Click the Conditions tab and Check the box under Network.  For the network connection name use Any connection.  This will save your PC the trouble of disregarding the task if an internet connection is not available, and makes sense because you cannot update MSE without the internet.

Start only if a network connection is available

At this point the only thing left to do is Click OK to save the task.


Your new schedule for Microsoft Security Essentials is setup and you shouldn’t have any more problems with missing out on virus definition updates.

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