Outstanding Uses for your Old USB Drives

With 8GB sticks coming out for less than $20, it’s no wonder why our old 128mb sticks have been stuffed away in drawers, never to me used again.  Learn to resurrect your old USBs and make them into a physical “key” for your computer, portable OS, and more.

  1. Create a physical key for your computer, so it only boots when your USB is inserted.
  2. Turn them into portable NES, SNES, Game Boy, Genesis, and arcade emulators.
  3. Carry your own portable Linux operating systems.

For an entire list of how to reuse your old drives, see the full guide

2 Ways to Install a Game Console in your Car

3 Ways to Install a Game Console in your Car

Portable game systems are great on the go, but what if you want more? If you want to take your gaming on the road, don’t stop at a PSP or DS, take it all the way and install your console in your car. Learn everything you need to know from console-connection power issues to choosing the right monitor. Continue reading