7 Tech Gadget Concepts That We Want Now!

nextep 7 Tech Gadget Concepts That We Want Now!

Concepts get some ambivalence around here at GadgetCrave. On the one hand, they provide a look into what the future could look like. I mean, who wasn’t psyched when the 7-year-old version of himself watched Back to the Future II and saw the notorious hoverboard and power laces. And who didn’t think “Wow, I can’t wait for 2015!” On the other hand, concepts can be frustrating–so awesome, so perfect yet with no discernible path to production anytime in the near future, perhaps ever.

I think the former feeling wins out in the end. As frustrating as it is not having the product in the now, a present in which we can’t conceptualize what the future might look like isn’t a place we want to be. So in honor of this great introspective discovery, we present some of the coolest gadget concepts we’ve seen over the past year or so. These are the type of ideas that make us love and hate concepts. Continue reading

First potentially hazardous asteroid discovered

The Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response System (Pan-STARRS) has found an asteroid that will come within 4 million miles of Earth in mid-October.

The object is about 150 feet in diameter and was discovered in images acquired on September 16, when it was about 20 million miles away.

It is the first “potentially hazardous object” (PHO) to be discovered by the Pan-STARRS survey and has been given the designation “2010 ST3.”

“Although this particular object won’t hit Earth in the immediate future, its discovery shows that Pan-STARRS is now the most sensitive system dedicated to discovering potentially dangerous asteroids,” said Robert Jedicke, a member of the PS1 Scientific Consortium.

“This object was discovered when it was too far away to be detected by other asteroid surveys,” noted Jedicke. Continue reading

When An MMO Dies

When An MMO Dies A tricked-out dune buggy busts through a mural made up of post-apocalyptic imagery and battered road signs in the front of NetDevil’s Colorado offices, a lasting reminder of a world that came and went in the blink of an eye. Continue reading