Photographic Techniques – tilt-shift

photography bascule rotation technique

In 1976, the soviet government ordered to the artist Efim Deshalyt a Moscow city maquette. The miniature, which was extended over a more than 37.000 m² surface, made part of one of the regime megalomaniac advertisings and took one year to be ready. Today, the communists could solve everything faster and practical. The tilt-shift impressive photographic technique can transform any miniature image, like those which are made to maquettes.

Although the recent shiver about tilt-shift, it is not so new. Some time before Efim Deshalyt began to build his little Red Square, Nikon had developed to its 35mm cameras a SRL lens, which was able to provoke a shift in a image (basically a displacement effect that causes the image rotation). Canon would refine the technology in 1973, adding to that movement the tilt — which causes the inclination, or bascule, of the photographed theme. Continue reading