Top 10 Video Game Voice Actors

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As a society, we follow celebrities who star in live-action movies or television shows like our lives depend on it. Most people can even tell you the people who lent their voices for animated hits like Shrek and Toy Story. But what about video games? We drop $50 to $60 on each new release, and we expect amazing plots, but for some reason, we never really comment on the actors who make our favorite characters come to life.

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39 Olympic Logos From 1924 to 2012

olympicgamesLiving in Vancouver, Canada, I’ve been seeing the logo of the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympic Games more and more around the city as the date draws closer.

I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how the design trends in Olympic logos have evolved over the years.

Noticeably, the logos seem to have changed from a monochromatic trend to a more multicolor approach in recent years.

Logo design seems to have been streamlined to simpler and cleaner shapes. This article features every logo from the summer and winter Olympic games from 1924 to 2012. Continue reading